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Aeraden has emerged into an energetic Junior Oil and Gas
company through a series of mergers and acquisitions

Aeraden Energy is a privately held Calgary-based junior oil and natural gas company focused on Development and Exploration in western Canada. 


Aeraden Energy Corporation was created in 2015 as the Energy Division of Saliance Global Holdings Co Ltd. to explore opportunities in the Western Canadian Basin. Based out of Calgary Alberta Canada Aeraden Energy has grown into an energetic Junior Oil and Gas Company through a series of partnerships and acquisitions. These include our operating companies Veradon Energy and 2094495 Alberta Corporation. With Production and Holdings in Alberta and Saskatchewan we have developed a solid Operating Portfolio in Western Canada. Our company plans to continue this growth strategy to both enhance our market position and maximize revenue yields.

Saliance Global Holdings Co Ltd. is based out Vancouver British Columbia Canada. Saliance is a multi-faceted enterprise with successful operations spanning the globe. Salient competes in industry sectors such as Hospitality, Energy, Manufacturing and Real Estate.

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