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Operating Areas | Alberta



Aeraden Energy has WI in the Alexander Provost Viking A Unit and non-unit land. Production is light sweet crude from the Viking formation. Currently there are 6 producing wells and a central battery for treating, storage and gas recovery. Potential in Provost exists for drilling an additional two locations on the non-unit land and drilling up to two wells within the unit. Reactivating 3 wells within the unit and optimizing the pumping equipment on two additional wells.

Lloydminster Ab_edited.jpg



The wells are vertical, producing heavy oil from the GP formation and the disposal well is completed in the Dina Sand. Each well is set up as a single well battery with produced water flow lined to the disposal well, resulting in reduced costs for fluid handling. The property has potential to drill an additional four producing wells in a well-defined channel. The existing wells can be optimized further by installing larger pumping equipment.

Sedalia Ab_edited.jpg



Aeraden Energy has WI in a sweet shallow gas field of Sadalia, producing primarily from the Viking formation with multi-zone production in some wells. The property includes a gas plant with compression and liquids recovery capability. Potential exists in Sedalia for recompleting wells to additional zones and stimulation of existing zones to increase gas production when gas prices improve to justify the work.

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